The Hibagon (ヒバゴン) or Hinagon (ヒナゴン)[2] is considered the bigfoot of Japan, mostly known from a series of sightings that lasted between 1970 to 1982.[1]


The Hibagon has been described as reddish brown or black in color, sometimes reported as having a patch of white fur on its chest or arms. It is said to be a foul smelling creature, with a face covered in bristles, a snub nose, and glaring, intelligent eyes. The face is sometimes said to be long and somewhat protruding rather than flat like a human’s, and the head is often reported as proportionately large, and shaped somewhat like an inverted triangle.[1]

In a 1972 report, the alleged creature "has a chocolate brown face and is covered with brown hair ... [and] is said to have 'deep glaring eyes', in two reports by a Mr. Sazawa and a Mrs. Harada, the creature took no hostile action and fled from four armed residents intent on hunting it."[2]


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